Putting it into practice

The next couple of sections are meant to help you develop a plan of action. Once you have completed all sections click “Results” at the bottom of the page to get a PDF version.

Developing Effective Communications

Here’s what effective communication can sound like.

Instead of yelling:
“Oh, now you’re home! Out gambling again. I’m sick and tired of you. Don’t bother with your excused. I’m busy.”

You could say:
I really love it when you come home for dinner on time. I know the kids really like it when you eat with us. I am concerned that gambling is getting in the way of our gamily time.”

This says what you want briefly and clearly in a positive way. It says how you feel and lets them know you care about them.

Now think about some of the ways you’ve been talking about gambling that haven’t been working. Try to come up with a more effective way to say what you want and how you feel and enter them in the form below. Go back to the “Talk and Listen” (link) to get ideas.