The truth about gambling

Gambling isn’t always a problem. Gambling becomes a problem when it affects someone’s wellbeing or it affects the people around them. There are different and increasingly harmful levels of gambling.

Levels of Gambling Harm

No Harm

  • Gambling is casual and fun.
  • They may enjoy the gambling and the people they are with.
  • Don’t feel bad after gaming.
  • They have many leisure activities.

Low Harm

  • They gamble a couple of times a year
  • Sometimes they spend a little more than they intend to.
  • Their mood is impacted by if they win or lose.

Moderate Harm

  • They have a hard time resisting the impulse to gamble.
  • Gambling is having a negative effect on moods, relationships, work or study, and finances.
  • They sometimes ask for loan when out gambling.

Significant Harm

  • They are unable to resist the impulse to gamble.
  • Their gambling is affecting all aspect of life – relationships, work or school, physical and spiritual health.
  • Win or lose, they feel badly due the implact of gambling.