Be prepared to handle the urge to gamble

Gambling often involves repeating regular patterns of behaviour. Some feelings and situations can ‘trigger’ gambling urges. When you’re managing to stay gamble-free, or successfully limiting your gambling, you need to be aware of the things that can trigger an urge to gamble again.

Trigger and urge examples.

  • Going back to places where you used to gamble
  • Surfing online gambling sites or having gambling apps on your phone
  • Exposure to gambling advertisements
  • Talking or reading about gambling
  • Having cash on hand
  • Being under stress at home
  • Conflict in your relationships
  • Feeling angry, depressed, lonely, bored, stressed, or even over-confident or happy
  • Thinking about painful memories, feelings, or emotions
  • Cutting yourself off from people who support your changes
  • Stopping your new behaviours
  • Not planning your day
  • Not taking care of your physical and mental well-being