Do you want to make a change?

Reasons to change

People who have decided to do something about gambling and have successfully stopped or cut back say that it is important to be clear about why you want to change.

"It doesn't feel good trying to hide my gambling or dealing with hassles over bills. I find myself hating myself for what I've done."

"I had to hide the bank statements. I learned to intercept the mail and would feel scared that one of the creditors would ring while I wasn't home."

"I'm tired of lying about my whereabouts and getting stressed trying to remember what lies I've told. I'm sick of our arguing about money."

"The stress was taking a toll on my health. I was getting headaches and stomach aches. I was so busy worrying about money and planning to gamble that I didn't look after myself."

"After spending most of the night gambling, I'd arrive at work exhausted. Sometimes I'd take a long lunchtime to go out and gamble. I'd sneak back to work and avoid people at work."

"I thought it was good to be around other people while I was gambling, but I realized that when we were gambling we didn't actually talk to each other. I was pretending that I was being social when in fact I neglected the people that mattered the most to me."

"I never stole before gambling took control of my life. I felt desperate and started stealing from work."

Does this sound familiar? Think about how gambling is affecting your life. Think about why you might want to change your gambling.