The truth about gambling

Gambling isn’t always a problem. Gambling becomes a problem when it affects your well-being or it affects the people around you. There are different and increasingly harmful levels of gambling.

Levels of Gambling Harm

  • Gambling is casual and fun.
  • You enjoy gambling andthe people you’re with.
  • You don’t feel bad after gambling,
  • Gambling is one of the many leisure activities that you do.
  • You gamble a couple of times a yea.
  • Sometimes you spend a little more than you meant to,
  • How you feel after gambling depends on whether you win or lose.
  • You have a hard time resisting the impulse to gamble.
  • Gambling is having a negative effect on your mood, relationships, work or study, and finances.
  • Unable to resist the impulse to gamble. Gambling is your main or only leisure activity.
  • You are experiencing an addiction that is affecting all parts of your life.
  • Gambling is affecting the people in your life – partners, children, relatives and friends.
  • Win or lose, you feel badly after gambling.

The important thing to remember is this: if you are experiencing harm today, you can make a change. You may be able to do this on your own or with the help of a counsellor.