Purpose of the website

The purpose of the website is to help people assess severity levels of gambling-related harms and annual expenditure on gambling-related activities as well as providing evidence-based information and self-help tools to assist users of the website in reducing or stopping gambling, if they choose to do so.


Basic Statement

Government of Nova Scotia websites are covered by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Our privacy policy arises from that Act, other legislation, and fair information practices.


Information collected on this website

Information that is inputted to develop a plan to either reduce or stop gambling is entirely voluntary.

Government websites may use cookies or tracking devices during your visit to our website. We do not collect specific information related to your plan. However, we collect some basic statistical information using Google analytics. For example, we will collect information about how many people used the quiz, spending calculator or specific sections on the website. None of the information collected will be traceable back to any single individual.

Information gathered by these technologies will disappear once you leave the website.


Further Information

Nova Scotia Government Website Privacy Policy (PDF)


Department of Health and Wellness Notice of Purposes


Contact the Department of Health and Wellness’ Access and Privacy Office

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