Group Forum


What are Group Forums?

Group Forums are an additional means of support and sharing of information in an interactive and safe environment. These sessions happen through the use of a teleconference number and signing into a Webex session. A Webex session allows a person to view the presenter’s computer screen and presentation, while taking part in a teleconference number and being able to listen, take part and ask questions.  In order to participate in Group Forums a person must register and sign in on the website. All Webex and Conference information will be listed within the members’ only section of the website when available.

Who are the presenter/s?

The presenter/s are experienced counselors and clinical therapists who actively work in the Gambling Support Network program.

When do Group Forums take place?

Group Forums will take place on a monthly basis and specific dates and times will be posted on this page of the website as they become available.  

What information is discussed in Group Forums?

Group Forums will alternate between clinical support group sessions and more general informational presentations. Each type of session and specific topic will be posted on this page of the website when available.

Group Forum Participation Ground Rules

All clinical group forums will have specified ground rules all participants must follow in order to actively participate within the sessions.

They are as follows:

·         Arrive to the group on time.

·         Accept members as they are and avoid making judgments.

·         Respect other participants’ opinions and discussions.  Please refrain from interrupting while a person is speaking.

·         Speak from your own experience personally.

·         Respect members’ privacy by keeping all information shared within the session only and confidential. The Gambling Support Network counselor/clinical therapist cannot be responsible if information is shared by participants outside of the Group Forum setting.

·         Sharing is encouraged but not required.

·         Any inappropriate language or topics will not be permitted.

·         If participants feel triggered, they may ask to speak to a counselor/clinical therapist privately.

Next Group Forum

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