Counselling in your Community

Visit Addiction Services in your Community

There are face-to-face counselling services available in your community through Addiction Services. The clinical services offered through Addiction Services are free and confidential. When you first call Addiction Services, an intake worker will help you decide which services may be most helpful to you. Counselling is provided by a professionally trained counsellor who is there to talk with you about the things that concern you.

What to expect

Working with a counsellor is not about being told what to do. It is a way to find strategies and solutions that are right for you. You do not have to stop gambling to receive counselling. The main focus is on reducing harm. This could mean helping you make a plan to reduce gambling, or it could mean supporting your decision to stop gambling. It is your decision. If you are concerned about someone’s gambling, it could mean giving you support during this difficult time. It could mean helping you find the resources you need. It’s up to you to ask for what you need.

The first time you go, the main goal is to find out how you and the counsellor can best work together. The clinical therapist will ask you to give some background information. He or she might ask questions to clarify, or understand, what you are saying. Together, you will develop a plan of action.

How often a person goes to counselling and how long it takes to work through an agreed plan is different for everyone. The counsellor is there to work with you until you feel more confident about handling the concerns that brought you to counselling. If you need support in the future, you can call again. Addiction services is always there to help.